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GrandHarvest create “Yangjiang Souvenir”
RELEASE DATE : 2015-05-29

Brand establishment

"Souvenir" in cantonese,it means a gift tohis (her) relativeswhen he(she) is back from a distant place. With the constant improvement of the global tourism, "Souvenir" has increasingly become one of the important roles for tourists.

The rapid development of tourism industry have made “Souvenir” more popular.Macao "Souvenir " market that has now developed into a kind of value objective of the tourism industry has come in to the view of the mainland enterprises.

Although "Souvenir " is hot, but the enterprises in mainland who have understood and expandedthe concept of "Souvenir " as local characteristic culture are few.

Fortunately, there is an entrepreneur in Yangjiang, who has understood and deepened the concept of "Macau Souvenir ",mixed the design of local characteristic culture, registered the "YangjiangSouvenir " brandin 2009,and launched his strategy of "Souvenir ".

He is Mr.Chen,who is Grand Harvest’s general manager. Mr.Chen has told the author that the idea of "YangjiangSouvenir "came from “macauSouvenir“. And the impulse that he want to have the trademark "YangjiangSouvenir " came from Yangjiang tourism industry that has increasingly grown. Recently,Mr.Chen has started lots of preparation and made his brand come into market asap.

Mr.Chensaid when he was in a business trip tomacau, a lot of brands of Souvenir,such as brand  of "xx biscuits" have come into his sight. For the new visitors to Macao, even if the Souvenir is not on his list, but it has been his(her)first  choice.

As is well known,the Macao sourvenir hasincludeda different kind of items,in addition to the tradionalalmond cake, dried meat, chickeecakes,there aremore something newones,such as dried tangerine or orange peel, pineapple crisp, crisp skin cakes, etc., and each one has a different flavor to choose, even the Portuguese wine has been on the list.Inconclusion,souvenir is everything.

A good idea has come into Mr.Chen’s mind after learning the custom of Macau: in recent years, yangjiang specialtyhas become an important part in the tourism industry chain,such as Hardware,localspecialty,however,uunfortunately, they can not become the one that can shape a image for Yangjiang industry, so a question is "Why can't simplify and pack Yangjiangspecialty into a new image?" Mr.Chen called this image as a fist that is more powerful to the local market,andfinally,that is “Yangjiang Souvenir”

Chance favors only the prepared mind. And the trademark “Yangjiang Souvenir” has come into the market after a lot of preparation.

Mr.Chen also said,more local specialty with high quality will be one of “Yangjiang Souvenir” as time goes on.

In recent years,more people have been looking forward to the new promotion of “Yangjiang Souvenir”,because,it has indeed publicized,shape and boost the image of Yangjiang that is more unique and competitive local specialty.